Friday, 1 January 2010

Cupcake attempt numero uno

As promised here is photographic evidence of my first cupcake attempt. As a beginner in the art of cake baking, I decided to start with what appeared to be the easiest recipe, the original and what some consider to be the best, "vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting". The recipe book states that the quanties would yield a batch of 12 cakes in UK muffin cases, I'm somewhat dubious as I wasn't able to fill the muffin cases to the required two thirds. So next time and there will be a next time, I think I will try and make 9 and hope that this will enable the cakes to rise to the top of the cases. All being well this will then allow me to ice the cakes so they look a little more professional! Can you tell i'm a perfectionist!?

However, O tells me they taste delicious and I was more than happy to scoff the left over frosting from the bowl! The problem is I want to make more today to try and perfect my baking skills, i'm not sure even O and I can choff our way through 21 cupcakes! I also feel quite sure that my miniature kitchen will not be able handle the mess I make... I'm definitely not a clean and tidy cook!

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