Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Hola! It's party time!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas - I had a great time and loved being back with my family!

However, I think it's sign of age.... or just the realisation that New Years Eve is actually better spent at a house party, rather than in some overpriced bar!  So, this year I've decided to be the hostess with the mostest, and will be throwing a little soiree for my nearest and dearest!  I'm always one for a themed party and thought what better way to banish the winter blues by going for a Mexican theme!  So whilst I sink another turkey sandwich, am putting my google skills to good use, by researching all things Mexicana

It's always a fine line between kitsch and classy isn't it for a Mexican themed party, but how cool is this illustration taken from theydrawandcook? The artist is  Gennine Zlatkis  and her beautiful blog is full of wonderful colours!  I think my party inspiration starts right here!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Totally Enchanting...

Are you feeling festive yet?  I think I need a viewing of Love Actually whilst making mince pies and then I can officially call it Christmas!

Today to escape some of the Christmas shopping madness, I went to Kensington Palace to visit their enchanted palace exhibition and a little bit of me melted!  The curators have created something incredibly beautiful and magical and it truly allows us to be introduced to the history of the palace and it's inhabitants in a really unique and special way.

As soon as you walk into the first room you are hit with a sucker punch of sadness, what can be more emotional that a dressing table full of antique bottles used to collect the tears of Princess Mary after suffering from numerous miscarriages.

   Photo from here

The rest of the rooms were all themed around seven other Princesses that lived at some stage in the palace, and the stunning rooms are enhanced with amazing fashion and art installations along with some fabulous performance artists that really bring the palace to life!    We all had a giggle when one of the artists offered for my friend Claire to sit on a thrown and asked for her to speak her greatest wish, the palace courtiers then shouted her wish across the palace for all to hear!   Then a few rooms later we came across a beautiful type-writer and the notes stated that their was a visit from Princess Claire and again her wish was noted for all to see!

As you can probably tell, I really can't speak more highly of the place and I wish I had more photos to share, but unfortunately the exhibit restricts photography and it was stressful enough trying to sneak these photos!  We ended the day with a glass of champagne and afternoon tea in the orrangery!  How very regal!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Wish you were here!

Wow!  All I can say is, thank the lord I'm not in Berlin now!  Today's temperature in Berlin during the day was -7c!  Not exactly walking tour temp is it?  Makes me feel like my experience of Berlin was positively tropical....

We had a great time in Berlin, even though I just wanted to hang out in Soho House all the time!  I created a google map to keep a track of all the places we visited and wanted to visit - so I've got everything saved for next time!

Being a bit of a history and politics geek (I did my degree in Economics and Politics), I was really excited to see the historical side of the city and one of the most interesting tours we did was of underground bunkers from WW2 and the Cold War.  The tours were run by berliner-unterwelten and I cannot recommend them enough, the tour was engaging, fascinating and really gave you a massive understanding of what it was like in Berlin during the Wars.  

We also did a walking tour and it was also a great way of learning how the various administrations of the city have impacted it in so many ways...our guide was fantastic and I'm now a big believer of being a bit of tourist geek and going on these tours!  They really allow you to learn all the important facts of the place you are visiting and also mean you don't walk around the tourist sites without learning the important facts.  Best of all, you then have more time for investigating the bars, cafes and restaurants!

Here are some pics!

 O walking through the Holocaust Memorial.
The memorial was amazing, every stone was a different height and angle and even the floor tilted.

The Christmas Market food stalls were stunning

I loved the U-Bahn - the image of the Brandenburg Gate was on every train and the gate is seen as a sign of freedom for the city.

You can't go to Germany and not eat sausages!  In fact we ate them twice, who knew that chopped sausage, curry powder and tommy k could be so delicious!?

        This was an artist commune in an old department store in the old Jewish quarter.  There was so much street art and I believe in summer there are loads of outdoor bars, so you can enjoy a German beer and some great art.

Monday, 29 November 2010

What every style blogger needs...a sense of humour!

How much fun is this!?  Found on refinery29 and I had to have a giggle!  Think my fave part is the bit about having a boyfriend with a camera, my boyfriend is getting seriously tired of me requesting him to take pictures!  His usual comment is "you don't get involved with my hobby (call of duty... blah blah blah) so why should I get involved with yours!  Ha Ha!  Nothing like a bit of relationships support is there.... so I have asked for a tripod for Christmas!  I do however want to clarify one thing and you can rest safe in the knowledge - you won't catch me in a cage skirt....!?

Thanks refinery29 for making me smile!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Berlin Baby!

I've been meaning to post since I got back from Berlin last Tuesday but I really do wonder where time actually goes!  I have the up most respect for all you bloggers that somehow manage to work/study and blog! 

Anyway...back to Berlin!  What an amazing place!  I was hooked as soon as we arrived... I was a bit nervous of my return to Germany.... a rather depressing school exchange trip was experienced aged 14 and I was keeping everything crossed this was going to be a major success!

As a treat for our 4 year anniversary we decided to lux up and booked into Soho House Berlin.  I've spent every day since we got back wishing I was still there, everything about it was just way too cool for school!  The place was just oozing style, starting from the ping pong tables in the club entrance right through to the stunning art deco bar on the top floor, that served us perfect cocktails as we watched the lights of the city twinkle away!  I was itching to get my camera out, but as the the house is a members only, they respectfully ask you to not take any photographs in the club... so disappointingly the only picture I managed to take was of our our beautiful room!

I've always kinda scorned people that up load their hotel room snaps on Facebook but I was just way to excited about this hotel to care..   The room was just too perfect, from the beautiful antique furniture, the Roberts Radio that was playing jazz as we walked into the room and and the wonderful vintage record player, you felt like you had touched down into some stunning parallel universe!  And the bed... well there are no words to describe that bed!

The hotel was a former department store in the Mitte neighborhood of Berlin and during the Cold War was occupied by the Communists until reunification, where it was handed back to the original owners.  The Soho House team have done a fantastic job in refurbing the building and creating a wonderfully stylish environment that creates a really buzzy but laid back vibe!

Image of the club from Soho House Berlin

Image of the lobby from Soho House Berlin

I'm going to try and post later this week about what we got up to, but if you get the chance to go to Berlin I can't recommend the hotel highly enough and I can't wait to go back again some day!  I'm now on the hunt to become a member in London!

Have a great a week!  My mission is to try and keep warm!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

I'm having Sunday night Downton Abbey withdrawal systems!  Did you watch it...?  It was the perfect escape for a Sunday evening.  I loved settling into their Edwardian world, admiring the spectacular outfits and watching the characters relationships develop!  Unfortunately, "I'm a celeb hasn't quite cut it this evening!  From the sublime to the ridiculous....

So in honour of all the lovely ladies of Downton Abbey I treated myself to this beautiful hairband from H&M, and I wore it last night!  Unfortunately, I didn't feast on an Edwardian banquet, but instead O and I went for a warming meal at Tagine in Balham and then we hit the pool table to re-create our first date!  He beat me convincingly 3 - 0.... so either, he's a pool shark or I'm totally useless!  However, because I let him win, I thought it was only fair he took my photo and I let him have a staring roll in it!

Up until this time last year my hair was a lot shorter and I'm loving the fact that with a little extra hair there are more and more options to style things up a little!  I'm thinking of trying to back-comb my hair into a 60's bob style and try out the hairband again... any backcombing tips!?  I worried that  I'll probably end up like a scarecrow!

Have a great week!  I'm on countdown - O and I are off to Berlin next weekend!  Uber excited to say the least!


Sunday, 31 October 2010

Diamond Days

Whilst everyone else was preparing for their Halloween parties, O and I were getting glammed up in deepest Surrey for his Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary Party!  

After spending numerous weeks sat on my sofa on a Saturday night indulging in reality TV marathons, I was mildly excited to max up the eyeliner and apply a bit of lippy and I had fully intended to try and get a few outfit shots!  However, the free flowing champagne got the better of me and I have to say by the end of the night I certainly looked a bit of a Halloween fright!  So I leave you with a few indulgent shots of  the delicious food we scoffed, the amazing Cake that O's sister made and a lovely picture of O's sweet Grandparents - they are real diamonds!


Sunday, 24 October 2010

It's all about bucks, kid. The rest is conversation.

Wow!  What a couple of weeks!  It's been on the hectic side to say the least.... So this weekend was all about putting my feet-up and chilling out.  I was so exhausted last night that I fell asleep during x-factor, not a good thing to be asleep at 9pm on a Saturday night is it?

Today, after a lunch date with Gordon Geckko and a rather large bag of popcorn I headed home, put the kettle on  and settled down with a homemade banana muffin!  Sunday afternoon bliss....

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Autumn Sunshine

Wow!  So much sun eh!?  It's been one of those beautiful autumnal Sundays...and after scoffing a huge roast dinner at The Florence in Herne Hill, O and I tried to walk of some off the calories in the park! In fact this weekend feels like one long food induced haze surrounded by a sea of reality TV!  I think Anne Widdecombe dancing on Strictly has been my TV moment of the year!  And what about X-Factor...who's your fave?


Jean shorts & top: H&M
Ring and Pendant: Stephen Webster

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Star Gazing

On Monday I was one lucky lady!  I took a lunch break... you have got to believe me, this minor detail is a point worth celebrating for me!  So what does one do, when you have a spare 30 mins?  That's right you guessed it... you pound the pavement to the shopping mecca that is Topshop at Oxford Circus!

Whilst lazing it up to the max on Sunday I spotted this little beauty on Topshop's website!  I love the level of detail on the images that Tommy Ton shares on his blog, and i'm sure you agree it's those little finishing touches that can make or break an outfit!  So without further ado, I headed straight to the jewellery area in topshop to hunt down the star cocktail ring!

Happy Happy Joy Joy they had plenty of stock and before you could say "diamonds are a girls best friend" I was stood in line ready to pay!  I wore it today and couldn't be more pleased with it!  I'm also really happy with the quality, I had always had this impression that the quality wasn't that great with Topshop jewellery, but it has a great weight and doesn't feel like it's only worth £12!  Style and quality all in one hit!

 (Image from here)

Monday, 4 October 2010

Saturday night takeaway

On Saturday night O and I donned our glad rags and headed "Up West" for a night on the tiles!  For his birthday, I had bravely booked us tickets to see Ghost Stories and given that horror is my least favourite genre of film, it's fair to say I was looking forward to it like a hole in the head!  Thankfully, it was great fun and really gets the heart racing and if you get a chance to go, it's well worth it!  

As we exited the theatre, it was raining cats and dogs and all thoughts of wondering up into Soho for food and drinks were over, so we rushed into Gerrard St and settled ourselves down for a slap up Chinese! After stuffing ourselves with too much rich, noodles and roast duck we were ready to be rolled home but the rain was still bucketing it down!  

I was kicking myself that I didn't have my camera, Gerrard St looked like a film set, with the Chinese lanterns bobbing up and down in the rain, hundreds of people rushing about with their umbrellas and the neon signs of all the restaurants calling you into the safety of the indoors!  Just for that moment as we dashed back to the tube in the grotty British rain, it felt like London was sharing the same buzzy energy that exists in Hong Kong!

Image from here

Image from here
Image from here

Sunday, 3 October 2010

How the leopard got it spots!

I'm seriously in love with these!  Bets on them coming back into my size are probably slim to none, but I can dream yeah!?

 (from here)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Calling all jewellery hunters

This is a bit of shameless self plug, but I want shout it out across internet land!  Plus who can resist such potential bargains...!?

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Jurassic Park

 On Saturday, the boyfriend and I went exploring around Crystal Palace park and it was such a cool find, where else in London can you find a Dinosaur Land that has existed since 1854!  Which I hasten to add was the first of it's kind in the world and the models even pre date Charles Darwin's Origin of the Species. 

 The park is huge and along with this beautiful outdoor stage there is even a maze, which I tried to persuade O to go in, but the large pack of Brownies shrieking in there put him off for some reason!

We stood under the arches that make up part of the palace remains, spookily only these arches and a wide expanse of steps that lead up to nowhere remain.  It must have been a spectacular sight to have seen the palace in all it's glory!  

I'm trying to train O to be my chief outfit photographer... but it's not his main focus in life and I'm thinking it may be time to invest in a tripod!  Or I need to get more expressive with my direction!

Have a lovely week!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Monday, 20 September 2010

It's all Greek to me

I've been back just over a week and already those lazy summer days feel like the long and distant past!  I'm back to my opaques for work and as O calls them, my Granny slippers are comfortably attached to my feet whilst I'm relaxing at home in the evenings.

However, I'm clinging onto those memories of drifting around in my flip flops and being able to go out for dinner without having to worry about keeping warm!  But the seasons keep changing and who knows what's going to happen this Autumn.....

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Texas holds em up!

Image from here

I yelped like a squealing pig on the bus on the way to work this morning!  As I flicked through the AW 2010 Fashion special of Stylist during my morning commute this little stunner jumped out at me!  I think it's such an inventive way to show of such fabulous jewels and I couldn't be happier that Garrard got such great PR! Fingers crossed it makes it's way into the jewellery box of somebody fabulously wealthy!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Time for a new watch

I bought my Stephen Webster Superstud ring back in June and I've worn it all summer!  The only problem is, I don't have a yellow gold watch then goes with it!

I'm been scouting the web on the search for one, and I just can't decide whether I want to go old school retro with the digi casio, grown up classic with the Marc Jacobs or add to the jewellery collection with the Roberto Cavalli.

What do you think?

Gold watch to match my Stephen Webster ring

Last blast of summer

On Sunday and for the following 7 days I will be taking in a last hit of summer sunshine in Zakynthos and plan on eating a lot of these....

 Image from here

Whilst drinking a few of these....

 Image from here

Have a lovely weekend. x

Monday, 23 August 2010

Only in the northest pet

I know, I know I broke my promise of spending more time posting on here!  But a combination of 12 hour days in the office has put paid to any inspirational musings in the evenings!  Plus I'm so engrossed in everybody elses worlds, that mine seems positively dull in comparison!  But, one must try better and what better way to start than by spending a beautiful weekend with your besties!

We crammed 4 of us into the smallest car in the world, armed ourselves with enough tubs of pringles to feed an army and hit the road for a 6 hour journey to the jewel of the North East... Newcastle.  I had a fabulous weekend hitting the town on Friday night in the brilliant outdoor secret that was Tokyo and we cleared our hangovers with a spot of cricket on the beach in Tynemouth.  Here's to making the most of the last few summery weekends!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

New Shoes

I've been on the hunt for new summer sandals for ages and finally found them in Peacocks of all places!  There is always the danger though with cheap shoes that they will shred your feet to pieces, but I wore them on Saturday night and walked all the way home from Balham in them and there isn't a blister in sight!

   f1.8, 1/125, ISO 100

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Getting to grips with my expensive new toy

I'm getting there slowly!  At the pace of a snail, I'm making my way through my photography guide.  Unfortunately i'm only taking in a page or so a night, so it may take me a while!  But last weekend after a BBQ at O's parents place I jumped out of bed early on sunday morning and made the most of the spare five minutes I had before we had to dash off to get our train back to London.  The images aren't great, but its taking me a while to get my head around all these new photography terms and the more I get out there, the more confident I will feel!  O's mum tells me the flowers in her stunning garden will be out in full force in the next couple of weeks, so I'm going to get down there again!  Fingers crossed then for some more gorgeous weekends! 

(F5.6, 1/800, ISO 100, daylight WB)