Saturday, 19 March 2011

Snow Days

This time last week I was channeling my inner snow bunny on the slopes in Les Arc.  Had such a great time and honestly felt the world was about the end when I arrived back in London and was sat in traffic in Victoria on Thursday morning.  I feel like this after every holiday...I just want to jack in normal life and travel the world!  Hmmmm unless I win the lottery, that ain't gonna happen!

Anyways... he's a few sun drenched pics of the snow!   Enjoy the rest of the weekend - doesn't it feel like spring has finally sprung!?

Sunday, 6 March 2011

You know the drill, you spot an image on your fave streetstyle blog of one of the uber cool fashion editors strolling around  NY/London/Milan/Paris dressed in clothes that you can only dream of owning....then you crash back to reality with a hard bump when you realise that it is not justifiable to spend a months salary on one piece of clothing.  

But that's the best thing about these fashion houses!  They know there are people like me that crave that little entry price point, that first rung on the ladder of the brands identity and that's why they created perfume/make-up and best of all sunglasses!  Now I really can pretend i'm a fashion editor!

I first spotted Giovanna Battaglia wearing her red leopard print glasses on JAK & JIL and then she tortured me again on Garance's blog, then low and behold on the back of today's fabulous Sunday Times Style section, there is the below image of Naomi Campbell sporting them! Thankfully, she's advertising them on behalf of Dolce Gabbana for their new Animalier Collection and I for one want a pair ASAP!

Have a lovely week! I only have 5 days in work until i'm off skiing!