Monday, 23 August 2010

Only in the northest pet

I know, I know I broke my promise of spending more time posting on here!  But a combination of 12 hour days in the office has put paid to any inspirational musings in the evenings!  Plus I'm so engrossed in everybody elses worlds, that mine seems positively dull in comparison!  But, one must try better and what better way to start than by spending a beautiful weekend with your besties!

We crammed 4 of us into the smallest car in the world, armed ourselves with enough tubs of pringles to feed an army and hit the road for a 6 hour journey to the jewel of the North East... Newcastle.  I had a fabulous weekend hitting the town on Friday night in the brilliant outdoor secret that was Tokyo and we cleared our hangovers with a spot of cricket on the beach in Tynemouth.  Here's to making the most of the last few summery weekends!