Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Calling all jewellery hunters

This is a bit of shameless self plug, but I want shout it out across internet land!  Plus who can resist such potential bargains...!?

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Jurassic Park

 On Saturday, the boyfriend and I went exploring around Crystal Palace park and it was such a cool find, where else in London can you find a Dinosaur Land that has existed since 1854!  Which I hasten to add was the first of it's kind in the world and the models even pre date Charles Darwin's Origin of the Species. 

 The park is huge and along with this beautiful outdoor stage there is even a maze, which I tried to persuade O to go in, but the large pack of Brownies shrieking in there put him off for some reason!

We stood under the arches that make up part of the palace remains, spookily only these arches and a wide expanse of steps that lead up to nowhere remain.  It must have been a spectacular sight to have seen the palace in all it's glory!  

I'm trying to train O to be my chief outfit photographer... but it's not his main focus in life and I'm thinking it may be time to invest in a tripod!  Or I need to get more expressive with my direction!

Have a lovely week!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Monday, 20 September 2010

It's all Greek to me

I've been back just over a week and already those lazy summer days feel like the long and distant past!  I'm back to my opaques for work and as O calls them, my Granny slippers are comfortably attached to my feet whilst I'm relaxing at home in the evenings.

However, I'm clinging onto those memories of drifting around in my flip flops and being able to go out for dinner without having to worry about keeping warm!  But the seasons keep changing and who knows what's going to happen this Autumn.....

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Texas holds em up!

Image from here

I yelped like a squealing pig on the bus on the way to work this morning!  As I flicked through the AW 2010 Fashion special of Stylist during my morning commute this little stunner jumped out at me!  I think it's such an inventive way to show of such fabulous jewels and I couldn't be happier that Garrard got such great PR! Fingers crossed it makes it's way into the jewellery box of somebody fabulously wealthy!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Time for a new watch

I bought my Stephen Webster Superstud ring back in June and I've worn it all summer!  The only problem is, I don't have a yellow gold watch then goes with it!

I'm been scouting the web on the search for one, and I just can't decide whether I want to go old school retro with the digi casio, grown up classic with the Marc Jacobs or add to the jewellery collection with the Roberto Cavalli.

What do you think?

Gold watch to match my Stephen Webster ring

Last blast of summer

On Sunday and for the following 7 days I will be taking in a last hit of summer sunshine in Zakynthos and plan on eating a lot of these....

 Image from here

Whilst drinking a few of these....

 Image from here

Have a lovely weekend. x