Monday, 29 November 2010

What every style blogger needs...a sense of humour!

How much fun is this!?  Found on refinery29 and I had to have a giggle!  Think my fave part is the bit about having a boyfriend with a camera, my boyfriend is getting seriously tired of me requesting him to take pictures!  His usual comment is "you don't get involved with my hobby (call of duty... blah blah blah) so why should I get involved with yours!  Ha Ha!  Nothing like a bit of relationships support is there.... so I have asked for a tripod for Christmas!  I do however want to clarify one thing and you can rest safe in the knowledge - you won't catch me in a cage skirt....!?

Thanks refinery29 for making me smile!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Berlin Baby!

I've been meaning to post since I got back from Berlin last Tuesday but I really do wonder where time actually goes!  I have the up most respect for all you bloggers that somehow manage to work/study and blog! 

Anyway...back to Berlin!  What an amazing place!  I was hooked as soon as we arrived... I was a bit nervous of my return to Germany.... a rather depressing school exchange trip was experienced aged 14 and I was keeping everything crossed this was going to be a major success!

As a treat for our 4 year anniversary we decided to lux up and booked into Soho House Berlin.  I've spent every day since we got back wishing I was still there, everything about it was just way too cool for school!  The place was just oozing style, starting from the ping pong tables in the club entrance right through to the stunning art deco bar on the top floor, that served us perfect cocktails as we watched the lights of the city twinkle away!  I was itching to get my camera out, but as the the house is a members only, they respectfully ask you to not take any photographs in the club... so disappointingly the only picture I managed to take was of our our beautiful room!

I've always kinda scorned people that up load their hotel room snaps on Facebook but I was just way to excited about this hotel to care..   The room was just too perfect, from the beautiful antique furniture, the Roberts Radio that was playing jazz as we walked into the room and and the wonderful vintage record player, you felt like you had touched down into some stunning parallel universe!  And the bed... well there are no words to describe that bed!

The hotel was a former department store in the Mitte neighborhood of Berlin and during the Cold War was occupied by the Communists until reunification, where it was handed back to the original owners.  The Soho House team have done a fantastic job in refurbing the building and creating a wonderfully stylish environment that creates a really buzzy but laid back vibe!

Image of the club from Soho House Berlin

Image of the lobby from Soho House Berlin

I'm going to try and post later this week about what we got up to, but if you get the chance to go to Berlin I can't recommend the hotel highly enough and I can't wait to go back again some day!  I'm now on the hunt to become a member in London!

Have a great a week!  My mission is to try and keep warm!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

I'm having Sunday night Downton Abbey withdrawal systems!  Did you watch it...?  It was the perfect escape for a Sunday evening.  I loved settling into their Edwardian world, admiring the spectacular outfits and watching the characters relationships develop!  Unfortunately, "I'm a celeb hasn't quite cut it this evening!  From the sublime to the ridiculous....

So in honour of all the lovely ladies of Downton Abbey I treated myself to this beautiful hairband from H&M, and I wore it last night!  Unfortunately, I didn't feast on an Edwardian banquet, but instead O and I went for a warming meal at Tagine in Balham and then we hit the pool table to re-create our first date!  He beat me convincingly 3 - 0.... so either, he's a pool shark or I'm totally useless!  However, because I let him win, I thought it was only fair he took my photo and I let him have a staring roll in it!

Up until this time last year my hair was a lot shorter and I'm loving the fact that with a little extra hair there are more and more options to style things up a little!  I'm thinking of trying to back-comb my hair into a 60's bob style and try out the hairband again... any backcombing tips!?  I worried that  I'll probably end up like a scarecrow!

Have a great week!  I'm on countdown - O and I are off to Berlin next weekend!  Uber excited to say the least!