Monday, 18 January 2010


(Image Sunday Times)

Good news!  Cancel all your plans for Wendesday January 27th as finally Mad Men series three starts on UK BBC4.  This wonderful nugget of information was brought to me courtesy of this fabulous article in yesterdays Sunday Times.  I discovered Mad Men towards the end of 2009 and avidly watched season 1 and 2 on DVD, and I now can't wait to see how the characters, fashion and relationships develop in season 3 as we enter the Spring of 1963.

Just like yesterdays article, I too love Christina Hendrinks' character Joan, what a fantastic role to play and despite the blatent sexism that existed back in those days, I love how she appears to be in total control of all men!  I love this fabulous photo of Christina from stylelist at last night's Golden Globes!  Though I'm not sure she is 36D as quoted in the article from the Times and I believe I'm somewhat an affianado in this area being a 36DD myself!


  1. Now that is great news! I am totally addicted to mad men and was wondering when season 3 would start! Thanks so much for that piece of info that has brightened up my day:) x LZ

  2. Its actually the best thing on telly, it's so slick and the styling is fantastic. I can't watch series 3 yet as I'm still on the series 2 dvd. What a stunner Joan is. Just come across your blog - def on my reading list now!