Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Arriving late to cupcake town!

So... it maybe the fact i'm getting older, but I appear to not only arrived on the blog train about 15 years after everyone else, but I also seem to have arrived a bit late at the cupcake party! Never fear though, I may be fashionably late, but I fully intend to make up for lost time. Now as a beginner in this area, I have plumped for the what appears to be the mother of all cupcake recipe books... I'm driving back west to London tomorrow and whilst O is in work on NYE, I intend to try my first batch of cupcakes. Evidence of this culinary challenge to follow and any advice is appreciated. X


  1. Oh my god, the cupcake mania is everywhere, I am definitely on board with that one. The buttercream is definitely the most important bit on the cupcake!

  2. I agree... Infact I might just make extra frosting and eat directly from the bowl! Thank you for the comment - my first! x