Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Arriving late to cupcake town!

So... it maybe the fact i'm getting older, but I appear to not only arrived on the blog train about 15 years after everyone else, but I also seem to have arrived a bit late at the cupcake party! Never fear though, I may be fashionably late, but I fully intend to make up for lost time. Now as a beginner in this area, I have plumped for the what appears to be the mother of all cupcake recipe books... I'm driving back west to London tomorrow and whilst O is in work on NYE, I intend to try my first batch of cupcakes. Evidence of this culinary challenge to follow and any advice is appreciated. X

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Shameless excuse for another trip to NYC

Ever since I have been a small child, the cityscape of New York City has had a magnetic pull for me, movies, music and fashion managed to sustain me from afar, but it wasn't quite enough! Thankfully, in 1999, my parents, brother and I fitted in a long weekend in the height of NY summer. The city with it's pounding August heat not only met my expectations, but also surpassed them... as we took off from Newark to fly home to the UK on that late summer evening and headed over the city, I vowed that I would be back as soon as possible. Thankfully, I didn't have long to wait and in September 2001, I touched down in NY and had one of the best years of my life, living and breathing every moment of the city.

Since leaving in October 2002, I have tried to maximise every possible opportunity to get out there for a holiday... I made it twice last year, first time with O my boyfriend and the second was with work. The trailer below gives me my reason for going in 2010, to catch every girls favourite New York HBO drama... The Sex and the City Movie out May 28th 2010. The perfect holiday, my best friends and my favourite city, for cocktails, fabulous food and the quintessential girly movie!

Monday, 28 December 2009

Who says it always rains in Wales?

I spent a beautiful day yesterday on the Gower peninsular in South Wales. It was one of those perfect winter days, hardly a cloud in the sky and the sunshine was beating down onto the beach, despite the cold temps. The beach holds lots of childhood memories for both my brother and I, not only did we end the walk with a half in the local pub, we also stopped in at my Grandparents for tea, sandwiches and most importantly Christmas trifle. Happy Days!

First Post!

So I'm currently sat here in my parent's living room, where I have spent upteenth Christmas', pondering the next couple of months. I turn 30 on April 5th 2010. I think that statement requires such a short sentence, don't you? Some people I know have grabbed the 30 year old bull by the horns and decided to really make something of the last months as a 20 something! For example my friend A told me in Nov 2008 that she would be partaking in the London marathon before she turned the big 3 0. I secretly scoffed at the idea at first... but low and behold in April 09 she not only ran the marathon in a very respectable time, she also ran whilst pregnant! Now I'm not really feeling quite so adventurous! Plus I have just scoffed about 20 mini daim bars, so a marathon isn't really on my agenda at this moment. However, I have decided to start a blog to detail my thoughts as I happily embark on the last few months as a 20 something. I can only hope that there is someone out there (apart from my boyfriend) who will enjoy listening to my ramblings. X