Sunday, 31 January 2010

Buca! Buca! Buca!

O and I went back to lovely Wales this weekend, it was one of my oldest school friends birthday and she celebrated hitting 30 in fabulous style!  We had a beautiful private dining room in a cool private members club called Cameo Club, which is in Pontcanna an area of Cardiff which is famed for being a bit arty and bohemian.  The room was beautful (see below), the food delish and we all celebrated the evening by having a few too many sambucas! 

(image via Cameo Club)

I love the fact that we are all still the best of friends, even though school is such a distant memory now!  We have all changed so much...but what made us laugh in school still makes us laugh now!  I love E's husband and P's boyfriend and it's great when we can all hangout together!  Here's to many more nights on the 'buca!

Hope you all have super weekends!

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  1. Sounds like a fab time! Happy monday:) x LZ