Sunday, 10 January 2010

White out

O and I spent Saturday at his parents place in Surrey, which unlike London was still covered in a deep blanket of perfect fluffy white snow. After sliding down their road in my totally unsuitable car, which is really designed for city driving, we jumped out into the into their Winter Wonderland. Everything sounded so clear and calm, and I had that feeling of serenity that you get when you are stood at the top of an empty ski run when everything seems so peaceful. After stuffing our faces for lunch, O's Dad and sister suggested that we should go sledging! Now, I hadn't really come prepared for such outdoor activities, but was prepared to give it ago! Luckily O managed to track down various items of clothing to help keep me warm, including a pair of stylish joggers that belonged to him circa 1997 and O's Dad lent me his cycling gloves that were extremely toasty but about 3 sizes to big for me! As we headed outside, I felt like Scott off to the Antartic!

We had a great time sledging, though I apprear to be covered in bruises as my technique wasn't the best and I spent more time rolling around in the snow than sat on the sledge! Who needs the gym though when you have to walk up and down hills that are covered in snow!? As we headed back home for some well deserved cups of tea, I felt like a kid again and realised why snow is so much fun! However, I'm not so sure the guy in the video shares my sense of joie de vivre though!


  1. oh my goodness ! Your picture is almost a mirror image of me at the moment - I've even taking to wearing a hat indoors it's been that cold. Loving your blog.

  2. Thank you! I hate to moan about the weather, depite it being a very British trait... but I can't wait for summer at the moment! x

  3. love the video......& sledging sounded fun! i've barely ventured out, and whilst at first it was lovely to have a reason to bunker down it's now losing it's appeal very rapidly

    take care
    sharon xx

  4. haha, that video made me laugh!

    Your blog is so cute :-)