Sunday, 31 October 2010

Diamond Days

Whilst everyone else was preparing for their Halloween parties, O and I were getting glammed up in deepest Surrey for his Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary Party!  

After spending numerous weeks sat on my sofa on a Saturday night indulging in reality TV marathons, I was mildly excited to max up the eyeliner and apply a bit of lippy and I had fully intended to try and get a few outfit shots!  However, the free flowing champagne got the better of me and I have to say by the end of the night I certainly looked a bit of a Halloween fright!  So I leave you with a few indulgent shots of  the delicious food we scoffed, the amazing Cake that O's sister made and a lovely picture of O's sweet Grandparents - they are real diamonds!


Sunday, 24 October 2010

It's all about bucks, kid. The rest is conversation.

Wow!  What a couple of weeks!  It's been on the hectic side to say the least.... So this weekend was all about putting my feet-up and chilling out.  I was so exhausted last night that I fell asleep during x-factor, not a good thing to be asleep at 9pm on a Saturday night is it?

Today, after a lunch date with Gordon Geckko and a rather large bag of popcorn I headed home, put the kettle on  and settled down with a homemade banana muffin!  Sunday afternoon bliss....

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Autumn Sunshine

Wow!  So much sun eh!?  It's been one of those beautiful autumnal Sundays...and after scoffing a huge roast dinner at The Florence in Herne Hill, O and I tried to walk of some off the calories in the park! In fact this weekend feels like one long food induced haze surrounded by a sea of reality TV!  I think Anne Widdecombe dancing on Strictly has been my TV moment of the year!  And what about X-Factor...who's your fave?


Jean shorts & top: H&M
Ring and Pendant: Stephen Webster

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Star Gazing

On Monday I was one lucky lady!  I took a lunch break... you have got to believe me, this minor detail is a point worth celebrating for me!  So what does one do, when you have a spare 30 mins?  That's right you guessed it... you pound the pavement to the shopping mecca that is Topshop at Oxford Circus!

Whilst lazing it up to the max on Sunday I spotted this little beauty on Topshop's website!  I love the level of detail on the images that Tommy Ton shares on his blog, and i'm sure you agree it's those little finishing touches that can make or break an outfit!  So without further ado, I headed straight to the jewellery area in topshop to hunt down the star cocktail ring!

Happy Happy Joy Joy they had plenty of stock and before you could say "diamonds are a girls best friend" I was stood in line ready to pay!  I wore it today and couldn't be more pleased with it!  I'm also really happy with the quality, I had always had this impression that the quality wasn't that great with Topshop jewellery, but it has a great weight and doesn't feel like it's only worth £12!  Style and quality all in one hit!

 (Image from here)

Monday, 4 October 2010

Saturday night takeaway

On Saturday night O and I donned our glad rags and headed "Up West" for a night on the tiles!  For his birthday, I had bravely booked us tickets to see Ghost Stories and given that horror is my least favourite genre of film, it's fair to say I was looking forward to it like a hole in the head!  Thankfully, it was great fun and really gets the heart racing and if you get a chance to go, it's well worth it!  

As we exited the theatre, it was raining cats and dogs and all thoughts of wondering up into Soho for food and drinks were over, so we rushed into Gerrard St and settled ourselves down for a slap up Chinese! After stuffing ourselves with too much rich, noodles and roast duck we were ready to be rolled home but the rain was still bucketing it down!  

I was kicking myself that I didn't have my camera, Gerrard St looked like a film set, with the Chinese lanterns bobbing up and down in the rain, hundreds of people rushing about with their umbrellas and the neon signs of all the restaurants calling you into the safety of the indoors!  Just for that moment as we dashed back to the tube in the grotty British rain, it felt like London was sharing the same buzzy energy that exists in Hong Kong!

Image from here

Image from here
Image from here

Sunday, 3 October 2010

How the leopard got it spots!

I'm seriously in love with these!  Bets on them coming back into my size are probably slim to none, but I can dream yeah!?

 (from here)