Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A hug in a mug

I seem to have developed a habit of breaking mugs!  It may have something to do with the fact my washing machine sits directly underneath my washing up rack and china never seems to agree with the spin cycle!  I spotted these mugs on Rose and Grey, a fabulous homeware website that I stumbled upon today.  The site is full of great little unique pieces that you won't always find on the high street, as well as some beautiful pieces of furniture, some of which is reclaimed.

The mugs have reminded me of a great post that I saw on the fantastic blog littleoldhat this week.  I look forward to the next available free weekend as I would love to try to create my own decals and develop some of my own mugs that I hope will complement my new purchases from Rose and Gray.


  1. ooo...sounds like fun creating your own mugs! thanks for sharing and lovely blog!


  2. I'm constantly breaking mugs too - but sadly it's more to do with me being veeeery clumsy! These mugs are so nice, great find xx