Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sunday night cookathon

So this evening has been a cooking freenzy and my miniature kitchen currently looks like a tornedo has blown through it!  First of all I attempted the Chicken Laksa that morphed into Prawn Laksa... I scouted around the web for a receipe and plumped for Mr Gordon "I love to swear" Ramsey, courtesy of The Times and it was the perfect warming soup for a cold winters evening.  The recipe suggested rice noodles, which I liked, but I think when I make it next time, I will use egg noodles.  Luckily, I have just enough left to fill me up after tomorrow nights gym session.

Following my success with the soup, I was feeling pretty confident and I'm a firm believer of striking whilst the iron is hot!  So, I got out the scales to perpare for attempt deux of cupcake baking!  I stuck with the same receipe as last time and kept my fingers crossed that I was going to see an improvement!  This time the yield was 9 and I'm happier with the outcome!  Still not perfect, but we're getting there!