Saturday, 27 February 2010

Miss Holloway

I'm still researching outfits for my Mad Men themed birthday party!  Fingers crossed tomorrow, I'm going to make it to Beyond Retro for some proper shopping!  So far I have been studying Ebay, but haven't committed to anything...  I torn between Joan or Betty!  I'll try and post a Betty set tomorrow so I have something to compare against.

Friday, 26 February 2010

St David's Day

In honour of Wales playing France in the 6 Nations tonight and the fact it is St David's Day on Monday I though I would post a beautiful picture of our national flower.

(image from here)

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Birthday Treat!

I can while away hours on Net-A-Porter, it's a real guilty pleasure!  This week I spotted the below... I love them...I even went so far as going into the Burberry shop on Bond St, so I could view them in the flesh and try them on!  I can't afford them unfortunately, boring costs, such as repairs to the building I live in and car insurance seem to be taking over my finances at the moment!  But a girl can dream can't she?  Maybe I can tempt O to buy them for me as a birthday treat!  I'm already planning my outfits around them...!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Fashion for Relief - Haiti

Most of the time in the office I'm stuck creating spreadsheets and analysing data but Thursday night allowed me to make the most of one of the perks of working in the jewellery industry!  For the last two years, Garrard has supported Naomi Campbell's fashion for relief and I have been lucky enough to work backstage dressing the models in our fabulous jewellery!  This year our sister company Stephen Webster had the chance and lucky old me got the chance to help again!  It was a manic evening, but great fun and a fantastic amount of money was raised for the White Ribbon Alliance to support mothers and children in Haiti. 

I had grand plans to try and take some great photos to document the scenes backstage, but it was crazy busy and we had to ensure we got as much jewellery on the models as possible! All the models and celebs were so lovely and it was great night and a fantastic experience to see what actually takes place backstage at a catwalk show! I've added a few images of my own below and the show images are from here.

(Dame Shirley Bassey)

                                                                                      (David Gandy)

(Kimberly Walsh - above and below)

(Nicola Roberts)

(David Walliams and James Corden)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

A kiss is just a kiss!

There was a very interesting article in the culture section of today's Sunday Times all about great screen kisses!  So in honour of Valentines Day, I had a think of some films that have great screen kisses!  Any others you can think of?

1) Lost in translation

(image found here)

3) Cruel intentions

4) Four weddings and a funeral

(Image from here)

4) Bridget jones

5) Moulin Rouge

(image from here)

Sunday, 7 February 2010

It's going to be one swell party

I thought it was about time to start planning my birthday party!  I've never been one for organising a big party, but this time I plan to celebrate big time!  You don't turn 30 every day do you!?  I really wanted to have a theme, so everyone can get dressed up and go to town stylewise!  So, after much consideration I've gone with a "Mad Men" theme!

Rather than send out a generic facebook e-vite, I wanted to make the the invitation much more personal!  I did have big grand plans to make the whole thing up on photoshop, but time just isn't on my side and the wonder of Etsy came to my rescue!  The amazing Angela at Paisley Prints Etc created the below invitation for me, she has two fab Mad Mad styles that can be customised to suit you!  I purchased on Wednesday afternoon and by Friday morning she had emailed me the finished jpeg!  She will even arrange the invitation to be printed should you require!  This is why I love the internet, isn't it great that someone across the other side of the world, someone that you have never even met, can help you out in such a unique and special way!

(designed and created by PaisleyPrintsEtc)

I have reserved an area in The Peacock Bar in Clapham Junction, it has a great look and I can really imagine us all dressed up to the nines, sipping cocktails and dancing the night away! The bar has great cabaret entertainment at the beginning of the evening and then a DJ hits the decks until 2am!

 (Photos from The Peacock Bar)

Next stage is planning my outfit!

Have a great week! xx

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Some Tuscan Sunshine

This week has been particulary tough work wise, too many hours spent in the office and not enough time spent doing the fun things in life!  As I sit on the train on my way home each evening, the saving grace being that at that time at night the carriages are quieter, I sit back and dream of happy days under the Tuscan sun at the above farmhouse.

Torremozza is a beautiful agriturismo southwest of Florence, the house is set high up in the Tuscan hills and overlooks beautiful vineyards and olive trees and as you sit watching the sun setting with a glass of wine, you can be forgiven for thinking that life doesn't get any better! 

Torremozza is co-owned by O's parents, Suzanne (O's mums cousin) Franco and Francesco and the farmhouse has been lovingly restored to now contain 5 beautiful apartments that are just perfect for exploring the stunning Tuscan countryside.   O and I have spent 2 blissful holidays at Torremozza, the first trip was spent being far too lazy where we just ate, drank and read, whilst and making the most of sunshine!  The second time, we were a bit more cultural and ventured into Florence, Siena and San Gimignano and soaked up the amazing art and history whilst eating huge cones of incredible ice cream!  It's these happy memories that are getting me through these stressful days in the office and I recommend to anyone trip to Torremozza!

Have a great Friday and weekend! x

Monday, 1 February 2010

Minty Goodness

My Gran has been asking me how the cupcakes have been coming along... she was admiring my Hummingbird Bakery cookbook over Christmas!  As I knew I would be catching up with her over the weekend, I thought I would have another stab at them and see if I could improve on my previous attempts! 

This time we went with the Mint Chocolate Cup variety and I'm feeling pretty happy with the outcome!  I made the standard Hummingbird Chocolate cupcakes, but added some peppermint extract to the mixture and then the frosting had green food colouring along with some more peppermint extract.  As a finsishing touch I added a chocolate button! The mint has a great kick and really compliments the chocolate - I was impressed and so was Gran and considering her years of expert baking, I felt pretty chuffed!  I still can't get the mixture to rise to the top of the cases, but there is an improvement each time I make them, so long may that contine!  I think I'm going to invest it a piping set for the icing, so we'll see how that works out!