Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Walking the Square Mile

My brilliant little brother knows me very well!  As an amazing birthday pressie he booked the two of us onto one of Open-city's fascinating architeture tours.  This is what I love about living in London, the ability to walk around and be stimulated by such an diverse environment. 

So bright and early on the most perfectly sunny Saturday morning we jumped on the train and headed towards Waterloo and then walked along the South Bank towards St Paul's where we booked in for the 10am walking tour that is based in and around the monied streets of London's square mile.

Our guide who incidently also works for English Heritage took us through the heart of the city, explaining with passionate detail the building environment of both the city's historical buildings and the constant regeneration of one of the oldest and densest areas of London.  For me the city has always been and undiscovered part of London, when you don't work there, it is often left unexplored and it was fascinating finding some hidden little gems!  Thanks Rob - It was the perfect pressie!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

It was a swell party

I know, I know!  I've been incredibly slack on the blogging front!  At the moment I can't even keep up with my reader, let alone have the time to be creative and write my own blog!

However, I'm determined to get back into the groove... So I'll start with a little post which fits around the theme of my blog, turning 30!  It's true, I turned 30.... and it so far doesn't feel any different to being 29!  However, my hangover on the morning after my 30th party was pretty severe!  Is it possible to put this down to a change in decade... or will I have to admit it was purely down to a few to many glasses of vino?

The good news is, my Mad Men themed party was an absolute hit!  I loved dressing up and it great seeing all my friends dressed up in their finery!  We all had a great night and I can honestly say it was my best birthday ever!  What could be better than starting my 30s with everyone I love!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

5 days until 3.0

Time has passed scarily quickly so far in 2010.  It hardly feels like 10 minutes ago that I wrote my first post whilst sat in my parent's living room during the Christmas break.  Today it's April 1st, which in turn means it's only 5 days until I thrust into a new world of being 30 years old.

I'm excited for my birthday weekend though and on the actual big day itself, i'll be celebrating with my family and close friends in Cardiff and the following weekend I have my Mad Men themed party - so lots to look forward to!

My big question though is - what does one chose as one's birthday pressie?  My family, boyfriend and friends are all clubbing together to get me something special, but i'm split 50/50 on what to chose....and I need some advice!  Do I go for the either this amazing Mulberry handbag or the always desired but never jumped for DSLR camera.  Decisions, decisions!  Do I go for style or substance!?