Sunday, 3 January 2010

1st shopping trip of 2010

When your boyfriend suggests a shopping trip, you don't turn the opportunity down!  However, it turned out to be one of those shopping trips where I came away with a big bunch of nothing and he returned to the flat weighed down with bags with a considerably lighter wallet!  As we hit the busy West End streets we called into one of my favourite US stores anthropologie.  I've been itching to show O around the UK version of the shop that I spent hours dreaming in, whilst I lived in NY.  The store is one of the most fabulous in terms of visual merchandising in London and has some beautiful and unique pieces including both fashion and homewares. The store reaches across 3 floors and spanning each floor on the left hand side wall is a vertical living garden, which from what I read in the press includes 18,000 plants all ecologically sustained from rainwater collected from the roof above!

The clothes are right up my street, I love the eclectic and vibrant style that the buyers have chosen, unfortunately this style costs money and some of the beautiful dresses were a little of out of my usual price bracket...However, there was a huge sale area in the basement and with my office being only around the corner, I may have to take a lunch break to rummage through the bagains!  I'm led to believe that everything in the store is for sale and my favourite display was the multiple alarm clocks, i'm fascinated by clocks and the display really reminded me of the wall art in one of my favourite bars in Balham - the clarence.  I look forward to returning next week, for more of a dig around the store!

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  1. I loved the clocks too but had a look and no price so i don't think we can have them- still maybe e-bay has old clocks we can buy and shabby chic up?!