Monday, 4 January 2010

Trying not to wish my life away!

Boy it was cold today, as I was stood on the platform waiting for the train at 7.30am, with my teeth chattering away, I looked up and Richard Branson had hit the jackpot and placed an extremely well timed advertisement for Virgin Holidays advertisment.  Oh to have the Mad Men gene!  Thankfully I have the warm and sunny climbs of the Thailand beaches to dream off... we fly on on March 12th and after the freezing temps that existed today and according to the BBC weathermen look set to hang around for the rest of the week, the holiday can't come soon enough!

But first comes Project Thin!  I know, I know, you have probably read a hundred blogs over the last couple of days that state similar objections!  But i'm a determined young gal and I'm pretty dead set on achieving my goals!  But we all have to set ourselves some difficult objectives and I have set the bar 10ft tall!  Over Christmas, I was up late indulging my inappropriate crush on Pierce Brosnan in his last James Bond film "Die Another Day" and out of the sea walks Halle Berry, so as I'm sat there indulging on mini daim bars, I decided, why hold back, if you are going to set yourself a target, go for it! 

Just so you can all be aware of how nuts I am, i've included a little picture, it seriously makes you want to give up eating and I love to eat....and I mean love to eat!  So today adjusting back to my pre Christmas life of porriage for breakfast and either salad or soup for lunch was pretty tough... no more snacking on odd bits of Toblerone or some sneaky cheese and crackers. I survived though and not only that I had my 1st personal training session of 2010! R is a demon and worth every penny, every expensive penny!  So who knows what I could achieve!?  However, I may have to give up eating cupcakes and stick to just making them!  I don't think Halle eats cupcakes does she?

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