Monday, 20 September 2010

It's all Greek to me

I've been back just over a week and already those lazy summer days feel like the long and distant past!  I'm back to my opaques for work and as O calls them, my Granny slippers are comfortably attached to my feet whilst I'm relaxing at home in the evenings.

However, I'm clinging onto those memories of drifting around in my flip flops and being able to go out for dinner without having to worry about keeping warm!  But the seasons keep changing and who knows what's going to happen this Autumn.....


  1. Aw summer holidays - mines just finished too. It's midnight and no need for a cardigan. Time to embrace Autumn - hosiery-clad legs and all!

  2. you have cut your hair!! It's fab! The black opaques are firmly back in my life now too... along with... wait for it... my wooly penguin jumper (it got its first outing today) noooo xxx

  3. granny slippers sounds good to me, ive well and truely embraced the end of summer, ive even got the hot water bottle out!! im always so cold.
    i love your hair cut by the way, it really suits you x

  4. I know the feeling, just been sorting through the last of my holiday pics. But I do love autumn so I'm not feeling too sad, just slightly wistful for the flip flops!