Sunday, 31 October 2010

Diamond Days

Whilst everyone else was preparing for their Halloween parties, O and I were getting glammed up in deepest Surrey for his Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary Party!  

After spending numerous weeks sat on my sofa on a Saturday night indulging in reality TV marathons, I was mildly excited to max up the eyeliner and apply a bit of lippy and I had fully intended to try and get a few outfit shots!  However, the free flowing champagne got the better of me and I have to say by the end of the night I certainly looked a bit of a Halloween fright!  So I leave you with a few indulgent shots of  the delicious food we scoffed, the amazing Cake that O's sister made and a lovely picture of O's sweet Grandparents - they are real diamonds!


1 comment:

  1. Sounds, and looks, like you had a great night! I didn't do anything for Halloween; just finished work, got home, had dinner, watched telly and ignored the doorbell for the evening (completely forgot about buying sweets!)... not gonna lie, it was pretty good. x