Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Star Gazing

On Monday I was one lucky lady!  I took a lunch break... you have got to believe me, this minor detail is a point worth celebrating for me!  So what does one do, when you have a spare 30 mins?  That's right you guessed it... you pound the pavement to the shopping mecca that is Topshop at Oxford Circus!

Whilst lazing it up to the max on Sunday I spotted this little beauty on Topshop's website!  I love the level of detail on the images that Tommy Ton shares on his blog, and i'm sure you agree it's those little finishing touches that can make or break an outfit!  So without further ado, I headed straight to the jewellery area in topshop to hunt down the star cocktail ring!

Happy Happy Joy Joy they had plenty of stock and before you could say "diamonds are a girls best friend" I was stood in line ready to pay!  I wore it today and couldn't be more pleased with it!  I'm also really happy with the quality, I had always had this impression that the quality wasn't that great with Topshop jewellery, but it has a great weight and doesn't feel like it's only worth £12!  Style and quality all in one hit!

 (Image from here)

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