Sunday, 14 November 2010

I'm having Sunday night Downton Abbey withdrawal systems!  Did you watch it...?  It was the perfect escape for a Sunday evening.  I loved settling into their Edwardian world, admiring the spectacular outfits and watching the characters relationships develop!  Unfortunately, "I'm a celeb hasn't quite cut it this evening!  From the sublime to the ridiculous....

So in honour of all the lovely ladies of Downton Abbey I treated myself to this beautiful hairband from H&M, and I wore it last night!  Unfortunately, I didn't feast on an Edwardian banquet, but instead O and I went for a warming meal at Tagine in Balham and then we hit the pool table to re-create our first date!  He beat me convincingly 3 - 0.... so either, he's a pool shark or I'm totally useless!  However, because I let him win, I thought it was only fair he took my photo and I let him have a staring roll in it!

Up until this time last year my hair was a lot shorter and I'm loving the fact that with a little extra hair there are more and more options to style things up a little!  I'm thinking of trying to back-comb my hair into a 60's bob style and try out the hairband again... any backcombing tips!?  I worried that  I'll probably end up like a scarecrow!

Have a great week!  I'm on countdown - O and I are off to Berlin next weekend!  Uber excited to say the least!



  1. Love it! As someone who is also having Downton withdrawal symptom, may I suggest Any Human Heart which is now on on Sundays at 9pm on Channel 4 - based on the William Boyd novel. It started last week but think you could watch it on 4OD and be all caught up for this Sunday!

  2. I saw it advertised and really want to catch it... I'll try and watch on 4od so I'm ready and prepped for Sunday night! Thank you!

  3. very nice! miss downton abbey too! they must make a second season! love your hair btw - very mireille mathieu¬ and have fun in berlin!!!

  4. hope you have a fab time in Berlin xxxxxx