Monday, 7 June 2010

Isn't the internet a fully old world!

Playing around on weheartit this evening I stumbled across the below image!  I loved it, the colours and illustration really reminded me of my print from Hennie Haworth that I adore.  The illustration is by Mia Overgaard and I was so fascinated by it that I had to google her and I spent some time looking through all her beautiful creations!  One of the first images I came across was one of Stephen Webster, which was a total surprise, seeing as I work for him and I wasn't aware of the image via any press in the office.

Last summer whilst walking about in London I kept spotting the below flyer posted across the city.  I loved the design and often wondered who the artist was, and yes you guessed it!  It was by Mia!  Don't you just love the internet for this type of thing!  Anyway I throughly recommend you looking at her site, her designs are stunning and she has a great imagination and feel for beautiful colours.

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