Monday, 31 May 2010

Sunday Strolls

I spotted this beautiful little house today whilst walking along Portobello Road in Notting Hill, isn't it perfect?  I love the colour of the paintwork and the climbing flowers and could really imagine myself settling in there and making it my home! 

The plan for my Bank Holiday was to meet my girlfriends at the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill and we watch the new Sex and the City movie.  Have you seen it?  I actually prefered it to the first movie but find the fact that the characters are becoming such caricatures a little sad.  They used to have some depth but now they appear to be so self involved!  I did however really warm to Miranda in the movie and felt that she missed out in having any meaty storylines.

Have a great week - i'm off to bed to dream about living in this house.

PS - this picture is the first on the blog from my fancy shiny new Canon 500d!

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  1. That's a picture perfect house! I would be dreaming about it too!!