Sunday, 9 May 2010

Perfect colour combos

I have an obsession to admit!  I love red shoes.  I have made my way through a number over the years and they have all been very dear to my heart.  My first pair were a pair of towering red leather wedges that were purchased at great expense whilst I was an intern in New York City, I wore them until they could be worn no more and was very sad to see them leave me for shoe heaven. 

My next pair were bought in a favourite shop of mine in NYC - Loehmanns, a store similar to TK Maxx whilst on holiday there in 2003.  This pair were from Miu Miu and and I still dream about them as if they were some urban shoe myth, once again they were worn until they were no longer presentable, probably because I pounded the streets of London come rain or shine in them. My current pair are not quite so upmarket, they are from Next and are a pair of perfect Mary-Janes and alas I think this will be their last summer.  I'm constantly on the look out for a new pair, but haven't seen anything that comes close to replacing them at the moment.

So today whilst catching up on my reader I came across this post on Easy Fashion's blog and I fell in love, not just with the most perfect red shoes, but also the purple socks.   They are just meant to be together and I love the girl's look.  I'm now keen to head out to the shops asap and find myself something in a purple and red combo!


  1. Red shoes make my day! Judy Garland and her ruby slippers in the wizard of oz. Need I say anymore!

  2. Mary Janes are my favorite shoes! Well, Mary Janes and ballet flats!

  3. Love red shoes... and green ones, blue ones, gold ones... Get the picture?!