Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Nelly the elephant.

Ever since seeing Dumbo as a child, I have been fascinated by the elephant!  What amazing creatures and they give off such a regal sense of being - the lion may be King of the Jungle, but the elephant rules in my book!  Back in 2007 I was lucky to spend some time in Kenya and spent some time on safari.  I was spellbound by the elephants as they paraded through the plains - they were just spectacular!  I adore the below photo I took, it takes me back to that feeling of being totally mesmarised by the family infront of me!

Since then anything ele captivates me and when I saw the below cuff on econsciousmarket I knew that I would have to add another piece of beautiful quirky jewellery to my ever growing list of wants and desires!  However, least with this site you have the knowledge that your purchase contributes to a charity of your choice and therefore you can offset the guilt of spending more of the cash that should be saved for rainy days on something more than deserving.

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