Thursday, 4 February 2010

Some Tuscan Sunshine

This week has been particulary tough work wise, too many hours spent in the office and not enough time spent doing the fun things in life!  As I sit on the train on my way home each evening, the saving grace being that at that time at night the carriages are quieter, I sit back and dream of happy days under the Tuscan sun at the above farmhouse.

Torremozza is a beautiful agriturismo southwest of Florence, the house is set high up in the Tuscan hills and overlooks beautiful vineyards and olive trees and as you sit watching the sun setting with a glass of wine, you can be forgiven for thinking that life doesn't get any better! 

Torremozza is co-owned by O's parents, Suzanne (O's mums cousin) Franco and Francesco and the farmhouse has been lovingly restored to now contain 5 beautiful apartments that are just perfect for exploring the stunning Tuscan countryside.   O and I have spent 2 blissful holidays at Torremozza, the first trip was spent being far too lazy where we just ate, drank and read, whilst and making the most of sunshine!  The second time, we were a bit more cultural and ventured into Florence, Siena and San Gimignano and soaked up the amazing art and history whilst eating huge cones of incredible ice cream!  It's these happy memories that are getting me through these stressful days in the office and I recommend to anyone trip to Torremozza!

Have a great Friday and weekend! x


  1. *Swoon* That place looks amazing - what is it about Tuscany that makes it the perfect place to step out of the world?

  2. That looks AMAZING! Dying to go there...I had the same revelation with Puglia in the south of italy...beautiful untouched region. UGH, London rain please go away!