Monday, 28 December 2009

First Post!

So I'm currently sat here in my parent's living room, where I have spent upteenth Christmas', pondering the next couple of months. I turn 30 on April 5th 2010. I think that statement requires such a short sentence, don't you? Some people I know have grabbed the 30 year old bull by the horns and decided to really make something of the last months as a 20 something! For example my friend A told me in Nov 2008 that she would be partaking in the London marathon before she turned the big 3 0. I secretly scoffed at the idea at first... but low and behold in April 09 she not only ran the marathon in a very respectable time, she also ran whilst pregnant! Now I'm not really feeling quite so adventurous! Plus I have just scoffed about 20 mini daim bars, so a marathon isn't really on my agenda at this moment. However, I have decided to start a blog to detail my thoughts as I happily embark on the last few months as a 20 something. I can only hope that there is someone out there (apart from my boyfriend) who will enjoy listening to my ramblings. X

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