Sunday, 15 May 2011

What's life without condiments?

Given that I'm meant to be on "project glasto skinny", this weekend didn't actually go quite to plan!  Unfortunately, there is only so long a girl can survive on M&S count on us ready meals, and given that I have a BF that doesn't understand the concept of dieting, it was unlikely that I was going to survive the weekend, without some sort of unhealthiness!

We hit Soho in the constant quest for a decent burger in the UK, and came across Byron Hamburgers and they really hit the spot, just the right amount of meat vs greasiness!  I loved the simplicity of the menu, there was no messin', just 6 types of burgers to chose from, including one for our veggie sisters and the classic required sides of fries, coleslaw & onion rings.  Tom Byng the owner has done his upmost the channel the classic American diner, the food was more than a match to my favourite burger spot in NY Corner Bistro and I loved the decor, classic booths, exposed brickwork and some amazing light installations.

After filling our faces with food, I hit the shops to search for some glasto outfits, which are all weather permitting of course!  Found a great midi dress in Vero Modo, which is a store I'd not been into before - I was impressed and loved the dressing rooms!  Which given the pathetic standard you get in some stores (i'm not naming names Zara) is something I always judge a shopping experience on!

Also picked up a great Pradaesque banana print sun dress in H&M, so let's keep our fingers crossed that the sun shines in glasto and I stick so my diet so I can prance about the Somerset fields, safe in the knowledge I won't be taking anyone out with my bingo wings!

Have a lovely week! xxx


  1.  your photos are gorgeous and I love the title of your blog! I'm nearly 30 and I'm speeding up too :D

    come see my blog hun :)

  2.  i was wondering if Byron was any good! sounds like a good day x