Sunday, 1 May 2011

A Royal April

Hasn't April been amazing!  I think the two, four day weekends should happen every year, especially if  the weather can be guaranteed.  Throw in a Royal Wedding and hey presto, that's some country boosting moral you have there!

I've become newly obsessed with Instagram for taking pictures with my iphone, it's so addictive and inspirational.  You can find me on 30slowdown if you want to follow!  So despite owning a vastly expensive camera, my snaps below are all from my iphone!

For Easter O and I headed to Wales and had a great time, we even squeezed in a BBQ and trip to my favorite beach in the world.  There is just something so peaceful about being by the sea, I adore the tranquility and it was great to be there in the sunshine.  On Easter Sunday, after an intense sunday lunch we went for a walk in a beautiful park near my parents house.  Cefn Onn Park was always our fave park as kids, it always had lots of streams and great places for hiding in to play mob, but over Easter it was covered in Bluebells and looked like a woodland retreat ready for a performance of As you like it.

I wasn't clever enough to book the time off between Easter and the Royal Wedding, but loved the build up that you could see in London.  Regent Street looked amazing and best Royal Wedding windows can be awarded to Louis Vuitton who had windows full of amazing waving Queens!

Then there was the wedding, what more can I say, Kate looked beautiful, William dashing and the whole day was a stunning display of why Britain is great!  I found this gif on Audrey Kitching.  I love it and it just makes me smile - I wish them every happiness.

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend! xx


  1. The first two photos are lovely, great effect! xxx

  2. Ah all these bank holidays have been amazing haven't they? Not sure how I am going to cope with a 5 day week next week!

  3. I only recently discovered instagram and I love the look of the photos. Really like the very first one. 

  4. these photographs are lovely, i'd just love to visit wales one day! thank-you for your kind comment. xx

  5.  Love the effect on these photos and the selection of quirky looking queens! xx