Saturday, 26 February 2011

I &hearts New York

Thought I might as well at least try and sneak in at least one post into February!  I am still alive (just)!

This past week saw me totally unexpectedly in New York City.... yes my job sucks sometimes, but it also gives me great opportunities to visit my favorite place in the world!  Unfortunately my days were consumed with work, but whilst doing some late night shopping in the NY version of superdrug (Duane Reade) I came across the fact that OPI and Essie are a veritable bargain compared to the UK.  Queue me spending the next 15 mins trying to narrow down my choices down to 4 bottles, with the aim being to at least limit my spend to under $50!

Unfortunately, there was no room for my camera, so Iphone and hipstamaticapp had to cover me!  So I at least managed to sneak in a few pics!  I lived in New York for a year straight from university, and like to think i'm a bit of a local... (we are talking nearly 10 years ago) but I still get super excited about the cliche New York sights and sounds!  What can be more exciting than waking up to a view of the Brooklyn Bridge, then a short walk up Broadway to the office!  It beats the Victoria line commute hands down... 

Thankfully, I have a super exciting holiday planned for NYC in August with the boy and friends!  Roll on summer!  New York I still love you and you're not driving me mad!



  1. what lovely photographs, i especially like the first shot. even though you were in new york for work that's still pretty darn cool. it seems like a really cool place. xx

  2. Ah this makes me even more excited for my trip next week - thanks for the tips you gave me on my post earlier this week!