Thursday, 6 January 2011

Watcha 2011!

So how many New Year Resolutions have you broken so far!?  I'm doing ok with the usual "healthy eating" and "my body is a temple" goals but I'm guessing the test will be whether I say no to the Friday afternoon glass of white wine in the office...

However, I have planned a few other resolutions, and I'm hoping that my publishing them here will chivvy me into actually achieving them!  Rather than blandly typing them out, I treated myself to this rather lovely notebook from paperchase (how can you not go into that shop without splurging on something?) and put pen to paper and came up with 5 missions for 2011!  Here's to making them work and sharing them on the blog... as that's something I really want to spend more time on too!

What are your little missions for 2011?

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