Sunday, 10 July 2011

Life Changes

So June came and went and if I'm quite honest, looking back at it now, it is all a bit of a blur.  Unfortunately, it wasn't a blur a happiness, but a blur of sadness.  I split up with my boyfriend of nearly 5 years, it was his decision not mine and the last 4 weeks have been the toughest I have ever experienced.

He was my best friend and now my flat that we shared together no longer feels like home....I'm going through so many emotions and questioning how and why this happened but the biggest issue for me is, how do I now adjust to a life path that I didn't expect to be following.

Thank goodness though for friends and family, I really do have the best and without their support I'm not sure how I would have made it through those early dark days.  Your family are there for you no matter what and through their experience guide you through the highs and the lows of life.  My friends have been heroic and are helping me through the tears with hugs, advice and attempted moments of hilarity.

My younger brother gave me the best advice though, he told me to do all the things I have ever wanted to do but was held back from whilst in my relationship or just too lazy to do, because life takes over in other ways.  So on that note, I signed up for a 10k race in September, the race is in Swansea, where I graduated from University 10 years ago.  I also took my first Bikram Yoga class today, if you haven't tried it, then I recommend it.  The list will grow.... I just need to work it out!

Apologies for the miserable nature of the post, I guess it just goes to show that sometimes life isn't 100% rosy.  But as I endlessly say to friends, everything happens for a reason!


Sunday, 15 May 2011

What's life without condiments?

Given that I'm meant to be on "project glasto skinny", this weekend didn't actually go quite to plan!  Unfortunately, there is only so long a girl can survive on M&S count on us ready meals, and given that I have a BF that doesn't understand the concept of dieting, it was unlikely that I was going to survive the weekend, without some sort of unhealthiness!

We hit Soho in the constant quest for a decent burger in the UK, and came across Byron Hamburgers and they really hit the spot, just the right amount of meat vs greasiness!  I loved the simplicity of the menu, there was no messin', just 6 types of burgers to chose from, including one for our veggie sisters and the classic required sides of fries, coleslaw & onion rings.  Tom Byng the owner has done his upmost the channel the classic American diner, the food was more than a match to my favourite burger spot in NY Corner Bistro and I loved the decor, classic booths, exposed brickwork and some amazing light installations.

After filling our faces with food, I hit the shops to search for some glasto outfits, which are all weather permitting of course!  Found a great midi dress in Vero Modo, which is a store I'd not been into before - I was impressed and loved the dressing rooms!  Which given the pathetic standard you get in some stores (i'm not naming names Zara) is something I always judge a shopping experience on!

Also picked up a great Pradaesque banana print sun dress in H&M, so let's keep our fingers crossed that the sun shines in glasto and I stick so my diet so I can prance about the Somerset fields, safe in the knowledge I won't be taking anyone out with my bingo wings!

Have a lovely week! xxx

Sunday, 1 May 2011

A Royal April

Hasn't April been amazing!  I think the two, four day weekends should happen every year, especially if  the weather can be guaranteed.  Throw in a Royal Wedding and hey presto, that's some country boosting moral you have there!

I've become newly obsessed with Instagram for taking pictures with my iphone, it's so addictive and inspirational.  You can find me on 30slowdown if you want to follow!  So despite owning a vastly expensive camera, my snaps below are all from my iphone!

For Easter O and I headed to Wales and had a great time, we even squeezed in a BBQ and trip to my favorite beach in the world.  There is just something so peaceful about being by the sea, I adore the tranquility and it was great to be there in the sunshine.  On Easter Sunday, after an intense sunday lunch we went for a walk in a beautiful park near my parents house.  Cefn Onn Park was always our fave park as kids, it always had lots of streams and great places for hiding in to play mob, but over Easter it was covered in Bluebells and looked like a woodland retreat ready for a performance of As you like it.

I wasn't clever enough to book the time off between Easter and the Royal Wedding, but loved the build up that you could see in London.  Regent Street looked amazing and best Royal Wedding windows can be awarded to Louis Vuitton who had windows full of amazing waving Queens!

Then there was the wedding, what more can I say, Kate looked beautiful, William dashing and the whole day was a stunning display of why Britain is great!  I found this gif on Audrey Kitching.  I love it and it just makes me smile - I wish them every happiness.

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend! xx

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Object of desire

OMG... just a little bit obsessed with these.  ASOS - I love thee.

Meanwhile... I keep meaning to find the time to post, but a little recap of the last 2 weeks.  Spent some crazy time in Basel at the Baselworld jewellery and watch fair, turned 31, went to Paris for a photography tour of the Marais, cashed in on some me time at the cowshed spa at Shoreditch house and I ended the weekend just gone at a roller disco in Wigan!  One of these days, I'll become a better blogger and actually post about these experiences.  If anyone finds some spare hours in the day, throw them my way!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Snow Days

This time last week I was channeling my inner snow bunny on the slopes in Les Arc.  Had such a great time and honestly felt the world was about the end when I arrived back in London and was sat in traffic in Victoria on Thursday morning.  I feel like this after every holiday...I just want to jack in normal life and travel the world!  Hmmmm unless I win the lottery, that ain't gonna happen!

Anyways... he's a few sun drenched pics of the snow!   Enjoy the rest of the weekend - doesn't it feel like spring has finally sprung!?

Sunday, 6 March 2011

You know the drill, you spot an image on your fave streetstyle blog of one of the uber cool fashion editors strolling around  NY/London/Milan/Paris dressed in clothes that you can only dream of owning....then you crash back to reality with a hard bump when you realise that it is not justifiable to spend a months salary on one piece of clothing.  

But that's the best thing about these fashion houses!  They know there are people like me that crave that little entry price point, that first rung on the ladder of the brands identity and that's why they created perfume/make-up and best of all sunglasses!  Now I really can pretend i'm a fashion editor!

I first spotted Giovanna Battaglia wearing her red leopard print glasses on JAK & JIL and then she tortured me again on Garance's blog, then low and behold on the back of today's fabulous Sunday Times Style section, there is the below image of Naomi Campbell sporting them! Thankfully, she's advertising them on behalf of Dolce Gabbana for their new Animalier Collection and I for one want a pair ASAP!

Have a lovely week! I only have 5 days in work until i'm off skiing!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

I &hearts New York

Thought I might as well at least try and sneak in at least one post into February!  I am still alive (just)!

This past week saw me totally unexpectedly in New York City.... yes my job sucks sometimes, but it also gives me great opportunities to visit my favorite place in the world!  Unfortunately my days were consumed with work, but whilst doing some late night shopping in the NY version of superdrug (Duane Reade) I came across the fact that OPI and Essie are a veritable bargain compared to the UK.  Queue me spending the next 15 mins trying to narrow down my choices down to 4 bottles, with the aim being to at least limit my spend to under $50!

Unfortunately, there was no room for my camera, so Iphone and hipstamaticapp had to cover me!  So I at least managed to sneak in a few pics!  I lived in New York for a year straight from university, and like to think i'm a bit of a local... (we are talking nearly 10 years ago) but I still get super excited about the cliche New York sights and sounds!  What can be more exciting than waking up to a view of the Brooklyn Bridge, then a short walk up Broadway to the office!  It beats the Victoria line commute hands down... 

Thankfully, I have a super exciting holiday planned for NYC in August with the boy and friends!  Roll on summer!  New York I still love you and you're not driving me mad!


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

It's snow fun anymore!

I'm having one of those weeks that can only be classed as total pants!  But as in order to get me through the next 2 months, I'm trying to focus on the fun things in life!  Steph at walkthesand has done a great post today about 10 things that she is loving about 2011!  That's the kinda positivity I need in my life right now and as I'm sure you'll agree, a little bit of sunshine can get you a long way!  So what great news to come home to this evening to find out that I'm booked with my family to go on a little mini skiing break in March!  Only 8 weeks this Saturday in fact...!  So what better to get me in the snowy mood than some of the pictures I took from December, when we all lived in a Winter wonderland.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Saturday Muchies

According to The Evening Standard there is a new London quest for the search for the perfect sandwich so yesterday O and I took a trip to Borough Market on Saturday with the aim to track down the holy grail in toasted cheese sandwich.... Unfortunately, there was just too much temptation and my belly got the better of me!  So we crumbled and went to The Guildable Manor for some slap up spicy lamb sandwiches, and jeez they really filled a corner!  But I'm already plotting our return, because the humble sandwich really is the greatest meal ever!

 Have a great week!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Watcha 2011!

So how many New Year Resolutions have you broken so far!?  I'm doing ok with the usual "healthy eating" and "my body is a temple" goals but I'm guessing the test will be whether I say no to the Friday afternoon glass of white wine in the office...

However, I have planned a few other resolutions, and I'm hoping that my publishing them here will chivvy me into actually achieving them!  Rather than blandly typing them out, I treated myself to this rather lovely notebook from paperchase (how can you not go into that shop without splurging on something?) and put pen to paper and came up with 5 missions for 2011!  Here's to making them work and sharing them on the blog... as that's something I really want to spend more time on too!

What are your little missions for 2011?